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(KUBOA) is an independent literary press focusing on the release of novella and collections of short fiction.

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(KUBOA) is an independent, art house press: our aim is to release quality books of fiction outside of the standard marketplace paradigm. Our print books are high quality, mass market paperback size (4.25×6.75)* priced at as near to the actual cost of production as possible (there is no profit involved).┬áMost titles in our catalogue are also available as FREE E-BOOKs for nearly every e-reader format.

Questions/comments regarding the press, our titles, and questions/comments directed to specific authors can be sent to

All KUBOA Cover Art for Series #1, Series #2, and Series #3, and 2018 Editions is original work by Carlos M. Gonzalez-Fernandez. Inquiries to the artist will be forwarded.

*Select titles are available as Special Edition Trade Paperbacks (5×8)